Kernersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep

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"Good Experience"
Breezy on 11/27/2016
Customer Service: 4 Quality Of Work: 4 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 4 Overall Experience: 4

Omar Serapio assisted me on purchasing my 2015 Dodge Ram 1500. He was great to work with. He wasn't too pushy at all. Very easy to talk with and he answered all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable about different questions I had about how certain features worked inside of the truck. I would recommend Kernersville to anyone. Thanks Omar!!

Great experience
Mikew on 11/12/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

Charlie Johnston was extremely helpful in helping my husband and I find the truck that suited our needs. Very friendly and not pushy. We would definitely come back.

Horrible experience at Kernersville Dodge
mjscharlotte on 11/10/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 3 Pricing: 4 Overall Experience: 1

I purchased a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Laramie on 11/4/16. I was informed that the vehicle went through their Service Dept. for a Safety/Service inspection. I was told that the Tire Pressure light was on because there was too much air in the front tires and that they fixed it and the light should go off during my ride home. I live an hour and half from the dealership. The light was still on when I got home. The next morning I call the dealership and leave a message for Hailey (Internet Dept.) and my salesman Jim Coker. I never received a call back from either one of them. I take the truck to me local Dodge Dealership and they inform me the reason that the Tire Pressure Light is on is because there are no sensors in any of the wheels and that the spare tire is missing. Also, the fog lamps weren't hooked up, there is severe hail damage on the roof, the hood had been replaced, 3 open recalls and that the entire drivers side of the vehicle had been repaired and painted. If this vehicle had gone through their "rigorous" inspection - these items SHOULD have been found. This dealership sells their vehicles mostly on the Internet (F&I told me that). I can only imagine what junk they are selling to people that live out of town. I eventually talked to the Salesman and he told me that he would talk to the Service Manager. After a couple of hours he called me back to inform me that the Dealership refuses to fix anything. I realize that I purchased a preowned vehicle - but this delaership lied about their inspection of the truck and now won't stand behind there product. Absoluelty horrible experience - STAY WAY FROM KERNERSVILLE DODGE if you want a nice reliable vehicle. There are plenty of other dealerships that will treat you right and sell you a vehicle with no issues. I will be writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau complaint department explains my experience. Use my experience as a lesson - buy from somewhere else!!!

Not happy
Emariotti349 on 11/10/2016
Customer Service: 1 Friendliness: 4 Pricing: 3 Overall Experience: 1

I was told after buying my truck that my tags would be arrive in ten days. It has now been 4 weeks and 5 days with no tags. My paper temp tag is falling off and I have been pulled over twice. Not happy with this dealership and I will not buy another vehicle from there nor will I recommend anyone else to buy from there!

Thing changed once arrived.
Elizabeth City NC on 10/25/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 1 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

Worked with a sales girl Andrea , sent in pictures of my truck , very low miles and receiving a contract statement two days before buying of what I needed to bring in a bank check, arrived met a salesman that was going to work with me on the deal was almost through with the sale, manager came in said my truck had been appraised almost 30 days earlier they were not going to honor the contract. This was after driving across the state and obtaining a bank check for what the contract I had been wired or e mailed two days earlier. Said they needed 1500 more dollars my trade had dropped in value that much in less than 30 days. They knew they had me over a barrel and I had to pay more than what was agreed on to make this sale happen at the very last minuet. Nothing but a game to get more money and very dishonest. . Worst car buying experience I have ever had.

price increase 2000. Less than 2 hours
CWright on 10/24/2016
Customer Service: 3 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 3 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

Saw a vehicle on line at this website. Screenshot the vehicle with vin and price and then the price increased 2000.00. Good thing I didn't drive 40 miles wasting my time and gas.

Easiest Truck Purchase Ever
jbarrett375 on 10/20/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

The staff (Hayleigh, Mary, and Steve) at made my truck purchase the easiest most enjoyable one that I have even had. The questions got answered, paperwork was easy, and the delivery simple, Thank You very much!!! Jim Barrett

Excellent service!
loveourDurango on 10/17/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

Omar Serapio assisted us in upgrading from our old Durango to a newer one. He was wonderful to work with and we have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. I would definitely recommend Kernersville Dodge! Go see Omar!

First time with kernersville dodge
Rjordan 5421 on 10/13/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

Leon Hughes was a great salesmen and I highly recommend him for helping you with your next vehicle. He was very helpful on both the vehicle information and working with the price. He went above and beyond to make you feel comfortable with the sale. For once he was not like most salesmen that try to really push for the sale. Leon was more laid back and talked about others thing and gave you time to think about the options and if you were getting a good deal.

First time dealing with kernersville dodge
Djordan 5421 on 10/11/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

Great service and was willing to work with you to make the sale. We had some hiccups at first but they went above and beyond to make it right.