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Be honest.
Littleboo3 on 10/30/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 1 Pricing: 2 Overall Experience: 1

Approved my sister congratulated by manager, when niece takes three buses to get vehicle they still congratulate and go over vehicle and hand over keys then they say the deal did not happened.. really!! Not good business at all. Either got the vehicle or you don't, not three days later.

Msgentle on 10/26/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

I'm not going to leave a long paragraph. Overall my visit went well and then terrible. I owe 2500 on my vehicle, they "offer" $4500 to u, however when it came to me, they claimed their bank still wanted a down payment of $1000. Then their finance guy with his attitude told me in a snarky manner " i need you to focus on what i am saying" ummm..NO SIR. I told you what my situation was, so offering me EXACTLY what I told you I wasn't going to do is going to help me.I ended up going to Honda on I-10. I got a car with all the perks and amazing payments.

Don't Even Bother With These People
es4597 on 09/25/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 1 Pricing: 2 Overall Experience: 1

I have been buying new cars for almost fifty years. I went there to purchase another new car. These people use every high-pressure sales technique that I have ever seen. They take your keys to your trade in and won't give them back to you so that you can't leave. They "double team" you by bringing in the "manager" so that both he and the salesperson can pressure you. to buy the car. In the middle of the paper signing process they surprise you with a new charge that they never mentioned to you earlier. They promise you things like "one year free service," but it is nowhere in the final contract so that is is your word against theirs. It's a typical fast-talking, sleazy car dealership. I feel that I was railroaded into buying a car because they just outlasted me. Don't go there alone unless you can be as pushy and obnoxious as they are.

TARNIA NEWTON on 09/20/2016
Customer Service: 2 Quality Of Work: 2 Friendliness: 2 Pricing: 2 Overall Experience: 2

I just bought my outlander yesterday...And did not almost buy yhe car because of the finace departmet...They were horrible trying to sell me the maintneca package. And also the 4500 a ploy to get tou in since this is the first dealership..adds to the MSRP with an addtional 3,000 ( fabric scotch guard, paint protection, vin engraving etc....My sales person Bea and Stevon were okay ..While I am writng this I feel like taking the outlander back because of the service I got.. I just do not trust them!!! And will be making a complaint to corporate.

Amsanch92 on 06/22/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

I did a trade in to get a mitsubishi outlander. Every question we had, got answered. Aaron, new what he was doing. Im truly blessed. I really recommend doing business with mission mitsubishi.

Finance guy pushy
Bad experience on 06/14/2016
Customer Service: 1 Friendliness: 1 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

Sales man Steve Rodregeiz was very nice. As far as two finance guys first one seemed to get upset because would not settle for higher payments than wanted to pay. Very pushy to the extent would not take no for an answer. When things was going his way got rude. Told him he was rude and he got outraged being called on it. Would not recommend anyone deal with such finance people at this dealership. Pushy, rude, and when told start screaming and throwing a fit, totally crazy experience. Will never deal with going back again.

I was intending on buying a Vehicle with the $4,500.00
Manny on 03/01/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 3 Pricing: 2 Overall Experience: 2

With this review I won't buy there. Shady tactics are scary. I'm glad I read the reviews. I'll shop around to ser whom won't LIE to me

loved the car
tclemts1961 on 01/14/2016
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 3 Pricing: 4 Overall Experience: 3

We bought the lancer right after thanksgiving, I fell in love with the car. The salesman was awesome at the time of the sale, and Dina was the best delivery person ever. The trouble started when we picked the car up. When we got home we noticed two small scratches above where the plate was attached. This was not there when we bought the car, and could only have been done by the service department when they attached the plate. I was heartbroken, this is my first new car and they gouged it. My husband contacted our salesman Roland Duran by email, he said they would fix it. I didn't want to take the car back, worried what else they may do. My husband never heard back from Roland. We have emailed about five times, no reply. I have two free oil changes, I'm not taking my car near them. This is the fifth Mitsubishi my husband has bought, first from this dealer. I will not recommend them, nor go back. As of today we have not received the plates for the car, and my husband says he has to go get them. He does not want to go to the dealer as he is very upset with them. I still love my lancer, but not happy with mission Mitsubishi.

Best service!
MaEma on 11/25/2015
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 5 Overall Experience: 5

I bought a 2015 Mirage DE and it is superb! I really commend Ali Tahseen, sales professional for providing as a good deal. He is easy to talk to. He assisted us and answered our concerns nicely. I commend him for assisting us professionally. Warm and easy to talk to. He will not push you, he will answer your questions and he will let you decide on what you want to buy. Keep it up!

My review
daniel.herrera0612 on 11/12/2015
Customer Service: 2 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 2 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

My experience with this Dealership was not as good as I would have hoped. I will say that the salesmen was very nice and helpful, but only to a point. Everything seemed good while in the process of picking out a vehicle. I was already interested in the Outlander ES, but he suggested and really tried to sell me on the sport. I was really interested in the ES, but he kept assuring me that the Sport was a better fit for my family, which was the focal point on get an SUV period. I took his advise and went with the smaller SUV, he gave me all of the information I needed and answered as much of my questions as he could. He then asked me if the price was fair for me to work with and i said yes because that was roughly what I was paying for my car and that my credit report would prove that, so it all sound like it was going well. Then we went on the test drive which left me feeling like we booth we're very sure that Outlander Sport was the right choice. Once inside we started to try and fill out all the paper work. they we're willing to use there bonus cash event deal to help pay my negative equity. Then he went through all the information with my wife and myself. As we were hashing out all the details he called my old dealer to get my cars info so they could pay what remained on it and tack it on to my new payment, which was ok because there bonus cash event would take care of most of it anyway. By this point I was like "Oh wow i found a dealer that was willing to work with me" but was I for a bit of a surprise. After some time the sales man comes back after checking up on some stuff ,with one of his managers. The manger then begins to tells me that my personal vehicle I bought from my dealer was not being reported and that my dealership had lied to me about doing so to help my credit, little did he know i had just looked at my credit report from Transunion, just a few day's earlier and saw that they were reporting it every month since i bought the car 2 years ago. Then he proceed to tell me my credit was really bad and that i could not be financed by anyone, which was odd because he then tried to tell me that they could work something out by getting me into a Mirage. At this point my wife got upset because she could tell they just wanted to make a sale instead of trying to work to sell us what we wanted. By this point I told him thank you for your time but I'm not interested because I need a bigger car than the Mirage for my family (which is also smaller than my car), he then began to tell me that he had a friend that worked for the credit bureau and could help to get my payments of the Mirage be even lower. This was an obvious attempt to hook me on a car i had no need or want for. The funny part is they put all the hard work to get me into the Mirage, why couldn't they work as hard to get me into the Outlander. My income could pay for my monthly payments easily. I mean xxxx I would of been fine with the payments and been content with being in debt to them for the car my family wanted and needed. That was my experience and I will be very hesitant to go back.I hope Mitsubishi looks into how many sales and costumers they are losing out on at this location in San Antonio. Mission Mitsubishi states "We outsell every Mitsubishi dealer in the U.S...." I highly doubt this location can stand behind this claim.