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Wish all Dealers were as good as this one
dbwill on 09/09/2016
Customer Service: 5 Quality Of Work: 5 Friendliness: 5 Pricing: 4 Overall Experience: 5

Vacationing in Santa Fe. Car overheated, I found a leak in the reservoir near the filler cap. The folks and SF BMW had a part over-nighted in as the car is older and the part not common.the part was replaced rapidly and correctly. they did a pressure check of the system and found another leak which required replacement of the radiator. Again because of the age of the car they did not have one in stock but managed to find one in Albuquerque and had it delivered within 2 hours. I asked if it would be wise at this point to change the water pump and they agreed that it was the wise thing to do.NOTE: These are known problems on the model I have and the mileage on the car was correct for the problems to appear.They provided me a loner car, and made room in their full schedule to accomplish the work. I was even asked to text them when I got home so they would know that all went well. F.W.I.W. this is similar to a situation two years ago when their performance and followup was just as this time.There is no doubt in my mind that I would do business with this Dealership any time.

Stay Away From Santa Fe BMW!
ADF on 01/03/2015
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Work: 1 Friendliness: 1 Pricing: 1 Overall Experience: 1

Absolutely shady business going on here! I had a car I was interested in and had over HALF in cash for sold out from under me! I had to sit waiting for 3 hours while they tried to approve one man, yet instead of calling me to work out my options they sold it out from under me to another man WITHOUT EVEN CONTACTING ME! I find it to be extremely discriminatory that I got passed over by two MEN! I would NEVER do business with these people! I'm reporting them to the BBB and the news. It is outrageous that they discriminate and behave unethically!

If you want to be treated well, get a car that's...
Arbadacarba on 02/25/2012
Customer Service: 2 Quality Of Work: 2 Friendliness: 2 Pricing: 2 Overall Experience: 2

If you want to be treated well, get a car that's reliable, and pay a fair price for good work then look for another dealership....this is not the place.

This dealership thinks that they are doing us a favor by...
stumpymacgillicuddy on 10/19/2011
Customer Service: 2 Quality Of Work: 2 Friendliness: 5 Overall Experience: 2

This dealership thinks that they are doing us a favor by allowing us to purchase their cars. With the exception of the new service manager (Andy) the "service" people make it clear that they regard the customers as dirt under their toenails. And the owners are more preoccupied with their dealership in Albuquerque. If you are used to the kind of service that most luxury car dealers deliver, you are in for a very rude shock. I have a lemon but I'd have to sue and wait for years, because the dealership is not going to obey the law and the service department, despite Andy's best efforts, is simply second rate.