10 Miles

Vehicle Details

Mileage: 10
Body Style: Crew Cab Pickup
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Engine: 4.0L V6 24V MPFI DOHC
Drive Train: 4X4
Fuel: GAS
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Information about Dealer

Always tricking you for a quick buck
Luke Erickson on 10/29/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 3.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Tynan's took every opportunity to cheat us from the day we signed our lease. I have never done business with anyone so willing to destroy a customer relationship to make a quick buck. Everyone I interacted with was either had no idea how to do their job or was actively trying to trick me into paying for things. Overall, I would rate Tynan's as the worst business I have ever worked with. Starting with signing the lease, we were told the advertised deal wasn't available on the specific car they had on the lot. Typical shady car salesman stuff, but I still got a decent deal so I took it. I specifically negotiated all the ludicrous fees (like the disposition fee) out of the contract. My next interaction with them was because I had gotten a flat from hitting the sidewall while parallel parking. What kind of cheap tires can't handle grazing a curb at low speed? The Leaf doesn't have a spare tire so I had to hobble over to the dealership on a low pressure tire. On arrival, I was told they don't stock replacement tires and I would have to wait 3 days. They refused to offer a loaner but did offer me a ride home. The employee who drove me spent the entire ride telling me about his medical problems. And these were the type of disgusting things I wouldn't tell my own mother the details of, much less a random stranger. On picking the car back up a few days later, the guy settling my bill goes out of his way to tell me that the good news is that now all four tires are under warranty again so if I have a problem again, they'll fix it for free.Well, a few months later, another one of the cheap tires goes flat the same way. I ask about the warranty and the new service guy tells me thats absurd and they would never offer that. I end up paying twice market rate for a new tire because its a lease.(In a happy intermission, it was a Leaf, so no standard maintenance over the life of the lease. That was cool! I was really happy with Nissan and the Leaf, this review is all just about the dealer.)Time comes to turn the car in at the end of the lease. After 10 calls and 10 emails, I set up an appointment to get the inspection done at the dealership on a Saturday morning with one of the lease managers. I show up, the woman I set up the appointment with and the lease manager are both not there. The sales guy on the lot tells me they would never do an inspection like that, "the internet department people have no idea what they're doing", and that I should just come back when its time to turn the car in. I tell him, based on what I've read, this is wrong and I should get an inspection first, but he insists.So I show up to turn the car in. The guy helping me gets to the second page of the return agreement before he asks me to come around to his side of the desk so I can help him navigate his web form. Who asks a customer to do their job for them? He spends 20 minutes randomly clicking any buttons he can find until his manager finally comes in and does it for him.A month later, I get a bill for $700. Turns out, they had snuck the $400 disposition fee back into the contract without me noticing. Technically, I admit I should have caught it while signing and, frankly, walked away from the whole deal right there. But this was ultimate sign for me that they were more interested in cheating me out of a few hundred bucks than trying to get me to repeat business. Additionally, when they finally did the inspection they "found a scratch" that was supposedly going to take $250 to fix. It wasn't there when I turned it in. The effort they made to keep me from getting an inspection done before I turn it in makes it pretty clear that they prefer setting up the inspections so they can add a few hundred bucks to them.So I call them up to try to get the facts straight about the $700 bill. I talk to a lease manager (everyone there is a "manager"), who tells me I "sound like an honest guy" who really did try everything in my power to get an inspection done correctly, and he will get the $250 repair fee removed as soon as his boss can sign off on it. I check in with him once a day for the next three days and he tells me each time that the boss hasn't had time to check it out yet. I finally leave a message for him telling him I'll be trying tracking down his manager directly. Five minutes later, call from another manager. He tells me, sounds fair, he can split the repair bill with me 50/50 and get it signed off by the end of the day. I call him twice more over the course of the week and he never returns my calls. I left messages for both the managers I had contacts for, and no one from Tynan's returns my calls anymore. Just to be very clear, I left exclusively polite messages asking this to get resolved, and never threated, yelled, or swore at anyone.All in all, the people at Tynan's are exclusively out to make a buck today at the expense of having customers tomorrow.

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